Our friends over at Higher Advantage, a braincenter for refugee employment issues, published a great blog today about our Employment Center, Cafe Clarkston. Higher Advantage is a resource for refugee employment professionals, so her entry is addressing them. I think you’ll like it, so I decided to re-post it. Enjoy!

Robert Bukenya Explains Selling Yourself in a Job Interview

September 10, 2014 by 

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After working steadily since he was resettled in 2009, Robert is currently working part time while studying aviation at Georgia Tech, building on his work experience at an airport in Uganda.

Robert Bukenya, a successful refugee job seeker from Congo, explains how and why to sell yourself in a job interview in the great video you can watch at the end of this post.

Thanks to Cafe Clarkston (GA) for sharing it.You likely repeat this advice over and over in job readiness classes and client meetings.  It will be much more convincing explained by a peer.  (And a very charming, well-spoken one, at that.)

Consider showing this video in your job readiness class or one-on-one client coaching sessions.

More about Cafe Clarkston

Cafe Clarkston is the only full-service refugee employment program we know of that does not receive refugee resettlement funding. It’s only one of the many successful services provided by Friends of Refugees. Higher enjoys a long history of partnership with their innovative staff.

In FY2013 at Friends of Refugees, more than 50,000 volunteer hours served over 2,000 individuals across 10 program areas, including hundreds of job placements, 7,000 meals served in kids’ summer camp, hundreds of moms and kids learning English together, dozens of babies born to healthy moms and over 70 family kitchen tables filled with fresh produce from their plots in the Jolly Avenue community gardens!

Thanks Brian, Lauren, Adam and Robert!

Nailing the Job Interview

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